We are not same

Infocube is not a typical recruitment agency, we’re proud to be different! Infocube founded in 2020 by an IT expert with two decades of excperience. At Infocube we change perception of the people who were becoming disillusioned by a saturated recruitment market, a market where mediocre customer service had become the industry standard and client satisfaction had taken a back seat. Having the IT experience ceratinly helps in meeting the Customer expectation. We help job seekers with our career advice programs to help them to handle the interviews and projects once onboarded

* We designed a six faced model and a unique screening approach.

* We have introduced a score card with score of candidate ranging from 7 to 10.

* The score card to be mentioned in the profile that will be shared with employer

* Caree Advice program helps candidate to be upto the mark

* An informal background check to screen fake profiles




We aspire to transform lives by setting the career to express their skills and talent in Information echnology that impacts for betterment of communities


Screening Process

Evaluate each candidate and assign score. The score is printed on score card and shown at the top of resume

Career Advice & Training

We provide at least one week’s training on the desired skill set as part of career advice program and make sure that the candidate is a perfect fit to your organization

Initial Background Check

We perform an initial background check to filter fake profiles


We offer assured service in matching the skills you demand well ahead of your required date so that colleague can start working in projects right from first day. A relationship manager will be assigned to handle your specific needs.



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